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Foreign Teachers from WTU in Wuhan

My name is Andrei Vlasov. I was born in Russia. Since my childhood I’ve been interested in learning foreign languages. English always was my favourite subject at school. That’s why after finishing high school I had no doubts which University to enter. I graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Foreign Languages University in 1987 with BA degree in Modern Languages (English/ESL and Spanish). After graduation I worked as a teacher and also did a number of jobs as a translator and a foreign trade manager. I’ve traveled to several countries, including the US, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam. I’ve been teaching English in China since 2003. I enjoy working and living here. China is a great country with wonderful people. I am so excited to learn Chinese and see my progress in it. I believe that interest, concentration and motivation is the driving force for success. I try to motivate my students and make them enthusiastic about learning English. My other interests are playing chess, reading and playing and watching sports.


Hi My name is Kareima Higgins. I am from Jamaica, a tropical island located in the Caribbean. Never in my life did i imagine that I would be living overseas; much less China. After all, China is so distant from my home country, when Jamaicans think of going abroad we mostly think of going to United States or Canada, which is nearest to us. However, after four years in a job working at a University my life felt unfulfilled, I started to get bored, I wanted a new challenge, a change.

China provided that change.....I had a friend who was studying in China and after expressing my feelings she suggested maybe coming to china to teach English would be the challenge I was looking for. I thought to myself, maybe she was right, afterall im outgoing, I love interacting with young people and I am very patient. I did my research and obtained a TEFL certificate and within months I was in china. My friend was right China was indeed challenging, but also equally fulfilling. Of course there is the language barrier, the difference in attitude and culture was staggering but despite that I was willing to learn.

I have been at Wuhan Textile University since September 2013 and it has not all been smooth sailing but for the most part its mostly good. I love my students, I love teaching English, and I love learning and experiencing Chinese culture. Im very glad I made this decision to come here. Finally thank you Wuhan Textile University for giving me this opportunity.
My name is Kareen. I am from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. I am an Oral English teacher here at Wuhan Textile University. My Hobbies include reading and traveling. My motto is "Know who you are and know that it's enough"
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