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       Wuhan Textile University is devoted to distinctive and precise research in some areas linked closely with our discipline and needs of related industries. Research is an significant component of what universities do and our researchers are committed to discovering new knowledge and delivering real benefit to society, industry and the public and enterprises by the application of their programmes.

       Supporting the region and its economy through collaborative research and knowledge exchange is important to us and we work tightly with enterprises, local organizations to assist for industrial upgrading and economy progress.

A lots of famous scholars and experts are working in our university.They are major force of the scientific reasearch in the field of Textile, Fashion, Art Design, Engeneering and so on.


·Yao Mu (dual-appointed) , an academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, professor, and doctoral supervisor, has long been engaged in the research and teaching of textile materials and has explored a new research area of human body wear comfort. He has developed a variety of textile equipment, drafted many national and military standards, and won numerous National Science and Technology Progress Awards and provincial and ministerial awards. Besides, he has edited and translated dozens of books, published more than 100 papers, and trained a large number of Textile Science and Technology experts for the country.


·Dr. Wang Xungai, professor, doctoral supervisor, expert of the National “housand talents program”candidates of Hubei Provincial “Hundred Talents Project ” and dean of School of  Textile Science and Engineering, WTU. He is also a chief tenured professor of Deakin University of Austria and director of Material and Fiber Innovation Center. His main research fields involve the application of fibers and textiles, nano-composite fibers, fiber extrusion and polymerization technology, fiber detection as well as textile texting. He has published large quantities of papers and monographs in the past decade as well as presiding over and undertaking more than a dozen ARC (equivalent to the National Natural Science Foundation of China) projects with aggregate research funds exceeding 10 millions Austrian dollars. He also won the Distinguished Achievement Award to Fiber Science by the U.S.Fiber Society in 2005.


·Xu Weilin, Professor, Ph.D, doctoral supervisor, specially invited professor of Chutian Scholar Program, contact experts of Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, enjoying special government allowances of State Council. In 2008, he won “National May 1st Labor Media.” “Textile Industry Innovation Person of the year.” one National Technology Invention Award (Second Prize) and in 2009 he won the first prize in National Science and Technology Progress Award and the 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award by the Fiber Society in US. His main research interest includes textile materials and textile progressing technology. He has published over 100 papers at home and aboard, and presided over 20 research projects of the China “973” Project, international cooperative projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, and some commissioned research projects by Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Foundation.


·Zeng Qingfu, Professor, Ph.D, doctoral supervisor, and Hubei Yong expert with outstanding contributions, enjoying special government allowances of State Council. In 2008, he was honored” Textile Industry Innovation Person of the Year” In 2009, he won 1 National Technology Invention Award (Second Prize) as well as the member of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards. His main research interest includes industrial sewage treatment and clean production technique and urban sewage treatment technologies and recycling. He has published over 60 papers, and been in charge of more than 20 projects of the China “863,” national key research, provincial and ministerial Scientific and technological research projects, and over 10 industrialization projects of innovation funds for small and medium-sized enterprise.


·Victor, professor, Ph.D, doctoral supervisor, contemporary Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Specially-engaged professor of WTU Laureate of “Chutian Scholar Program”, the “Chinese Bells Award ” granted by Hubei Provincial Government to Outstanding Foreign Experts, academic leader and fashion design chief professor in Ivanovo Textile University of Russia. Victor has many achievements in garment TTC research and apparel design research methods and garment CAD study, garment sewing technology, and has published 350 papers, 25 academic books, completed 130 research projects and obtained 65 Russian Federal Patents.


·Dr.Felix Teleginacademician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a professional of Ivanovo State Chemical Engineering Academy in Russia, doctoral supervisor and lecturing professor of the “Sunshine Scholar Program”,WTU.His research fields mainly relate to textile chemistry and dyeing&finishing engineering. He has published more than 100 papers,8 reviews and books, presided over and participated in several national research projects .In 1955,he was awarded Honours Science Foundation established by the George Soros Foundation. In 2008 he was a Silver Award winner by the “Best Russia Social Service and Publications” established in Russia by the British Dyers Association. He got Honorary Science and Engineering Assistant Award and College Honorary Assistant Award issued by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in 2005.


· Dr.Anna Cheshkova,academician of Russian Academy of Natural Science, a professor of Ivanovo State Chemical Engineering Academy in Russia, doctoral supervisor and lecturing professor of the “sunshine Scholar Program”,WTU.Her research fields mainly relate to textile chemistry and dyeing finishing engineering. She has published more than 160 papers and 5 books .She has got 10 authorized patents, and presided over several national research projects. She was the 2005 recipient of the Scientific Development Contribution Award issued by the authorized representative of the President of Russian Federation; she was also the 2006 recipient of Achievement Award in Cultivating Young Scientists issued by the Ivanovo State Duma.


·Zhu Ping, professor, doctoral supervisor, specially-engaged professor of WTU “Chutian Scholar Program”, Sunshine Scholar of WTU, Incumbent Dean of school of chemistry and dyeing and finishing works, the winner of Hong Kong Mulberry and Ramee Textile Science & Technology Progress Award of Shandong Education Department , Shandong Province Education Commission Science and Technology Program Award, and Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award, He has also edited or co-edited some textbooks and published more than 160 papers at all levels of academic journals, He finished over 20 projects such as the China “863” high-tech development projects, National Natural Science Foundation and other national, provincial and municipal Scientific research projects.


·Yu Weidong, professor, doctoral supervisor, specially-engaged professor of WTU Laureate of “Chutian Scholar Program”. His research on the outer protective material extravehicular spacesuit in the China “863”project was listed among the top ten scientific and technological progress awards by the Ministry of Education. He has won 12 provincial and ministerial awards. In the recent five years, he has published more than 320 papers, among which more than 120 were indexed by the three major searches. He chaired and participated in over 10 provincial and ministerial projects and has more than 30 national invention patents.


·Ghislaine Azemard, professor, Ph.D., doctoral supervisor, Incumbent Dean of Media School, WTU, Dean of the department of the postgraduates of the Paris No.8 and No.13 University, and founder and president of the Mobius International Multimedia Competition. He is primarily responsible for managing EDEN of the North Paris MSH/Paris No.8 University, and in charge of France’s state level humanities and scientific research plan, “Layton Scheme” and other projects. He has published nearly 20 books or papers.


·Ann Marie Fiore, professor, Ph.D., lecturing professor of WTU “Chutian Scholar Program”, she is primarily engaged in the research of costume management and internet marketing and has published many high-level papers in international journals. She is now editor of two international journals and a member of several international research organizations. She hosts over 40 national, ministerial and cooperation in business projects.


·Prof. Susan Tyber Avila, master supervisor, who is engaged as a lecturing professor of the Hubei Provincial “Chutian Scholar Program” to WTU. As a renowned contemporary fiber artist in the U.S., Prof. Susan has been acting as a master supervisor and chief executive of teaching administration in Davis Design Institute, University of California. She also acts as a junior of the International Surface Design Society, American Textile Embroidery Forum and International Fabrics Design Contest. Susan has dedicated herself to research, creation and teaching instruction of fiber art by conducting 80-plus individual and group exhibitions in U.S., U.K., China, Korea and Thailand as well, which has awarded her 10-plus grand prizes, with collection of her artistic works by a great number of museums. She has also published 12 artistic albums and 30-plus professional papers.


·Dr.Wang Dong,Chutian-talent of WTU”Chutian Scholar Program”. Now working for school of Textile Science and Engineering, WTU, whose main research domain in fiber materials, macromolcule matrials,nano materials and functional materials. Graduating from in University of California at Davis in February,2008,in recent years,Dr.Wang has published over a dozen papers apers and applied for 2 patents in US, 9 patents in China as well as receiving awards by American Chemical Society and National Textile Center in US.


·Dr.Liu Kan, selected candidate of” Chutian Scholar Plan” to WTU. Now working for school of electronics and electrical engineering,WTU.the process of microelectronics, the design of integrated chip, chemical synthesize and biological technology. In recent 5 years, he has published 28 papers (of which 21were published in SCI,1 published in EI)as well as achieving 22 domestic invention patents, applying for 3 international invention patents and over 10 US patents.


·Dr.Wang Xin, selected candidate of” Chutian Scholar Plan”to WTU.After obtaining his doctorate degree in Deakin Unversity of Australia, he then completed post-doctoral program from HKPU ad is now working for school of Textile Science and Engineering,WTU.In recent 5years, he has published nearly 20 papers cited by SCI,as well as presiding over 1 Project subsidized by youth fund of the National Natural  Sciences Foundation and acquired 1 international patent.


·Dr.Wang Shengxiang,selected candidate of” Chutian Scholar Plan” to WTU.He is now working for Department of electronics and electrical engineering,WTU.His research domain mainly covers met materials of artificial media,micronanielectronics,functional thin films and related gadgets. Part of the research has been highlighted, with 13 papers published in international authoritative disciplinary journals (of which 12 published in SCI).


·Prof. Xiong Chuanxi, doctoral advisor, doctor, specially- engaged professor of “Sunshine Scholar Program’ and incumbent dean of School of Materials Science & Engineering, WTU. His research mainly focuses on the molding process of high polymer, organic and inorganic nanometer compound material.


·Prof. Tong xiaojun, Ph.D, master supervisor, specially- engaged professor of “Sunshine Scholar Program’’, WTU, who is conferred the honorary title of Young and Mid-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions by Hubei Provincial Government. His research fields mainly relate to partial differential equations and information processing. He has participated and presided over more than 10 projects of national and provincial levels. He has also published more than 40 papers in key academic periodicals both home and abroad , of which 20-plus have been indexed by the 4 major international index retrieval system such as SCI and EI.


·Dr. He Chiyang, master supervisor and specially- engaged professor of “Sunshine Scholar Program’’, WTU. His research mainly involve the processing of new molecular imprinting material, construction of new electro osmotic pump, developing of capillary monolithic column as well as new separation and analysis approaches.


·Prof. Yuan Dapeng, master supervisor, specially- engaged professor of “Sunshine Scholar Program’ WTU, His research fields mainly relate to fashion& art design.


·Dr. Angelina Ilchenko, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a professor of Ivanovo State Chemical engineering Academy in Russian, doctor of Science& Technology, doctoral supervisor and lecturing professor of the “Sunshine Scholar Program’’ , WTU. Her research fields mainly relate to applied economic mathematics.


·Nevskiy Alexander, a professor of Ivanovo State Chemical Engineering Academy in Russia. Academician of Engineering Sciences and Russian International System Research Institute ,was conferred the honorary title in 2004 for his dedication to Russia as an excellent teacher in the field of higher education .In 2005,he was conferred the honorary title as a distinguished scientist for his prominent contributions to Russia .His research fields focus on sewage treatment in textile industry.


·Zhang Hanmin, researcher, doctor, Chair Professor of WTU “Sunshine Scholar Program”. His research mainly focuses on material science, textile chemistry and physics, especially in the introduction of nanometer material science.


Till now, 3 national key laboratories,13 provincial key laboratories and 6 campus research institutions provide the researchers with top-ranking research condition and facilities.


·National key laboratories(centers)

Key Laboratory for Green Processing&Application of New Textile Materials of the Education Ministry

Engineering Research Center for Printing&Dyeing&clean Production of Textile of the Education Ministry
National Key Training Base of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing technology

·Provincial&Municipal Key Laboratories (centers)
Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials&Application
Key Laboratory of Digitizing Textile Equipment
Hubei Provincial Wearable Art and Culture Research Center 

Hubei Provincial Clothing Technology Research&Development Center 

WTU Productivity Promotion Center

Hubei Provincial Research&Development Center of Common Technology Textile and Clothing for medium and small Enterprises

Hubei Provincial Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center

Hubei Provincial Electrical Textile Research&Development Center
Hubei Provincial Textile System and Policy Research Center

Hubei Provincial Water Pollution Control Research Center

Engineering&Technology of Textile&Fashion digitalization in Wuhan
Hubei Provincial Modern Textile Engineering&Technology Research Center


·Campus Research Institutions
Institute of Textile Research
Institute of Nonlinear
Laboratory of Engineering Materials
Printing&Dyeing Control Center
Institute of Philosophy and Culture
Wuhan Environmental Technology Company Limited


In particular, 4 national scientific research awards were born in our National key laboratories. Here are our enviable national scientific research awards:


·“Efficient Abridged Embedded Spinning Technology and Its Industrialization” won First Prize for 2009 National Science and Progress Award.


·“Excellent Quality Natural High Polymer Material Superfine Power Handing and Its High Value-added Recycling” won the 2nd Prize for 2008 National Technology Invention Award.


·“The Recycling Use of Textile Printing and Dyeing Waste Water by Catalytic Oxidation Through Employing Microwave Infinite Ultraviolet Light” won the 2nd Prize for 2009 National Technological Invention Award.


·“Exploration and Application of the Complete Set Technology for Poly phenylene Sulfide (PPS) Fiber Industrialization” won the 2nd prize for National Science & Technology Progress Awards in 2010.







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