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A wonderful journey


An unforgettable trip was organized by the department of foreign affairs of the Wuhan Textile University on the 22 of November 2014. It was a journey to the golden park near Suizhou. More than 80 students and top textile experts from America, Bangladesh,India, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, and South Africa as well as from Chinaenjoyed beauty of this fascinating place. It is a real museum under an open air.
We could learn history of Chinese people and see how they built shelters, used millstonesin their households many centuries ago. It was interesting to visit a museum of millstones and test how difficult it had been in ancient times to make a flour, to carry something in special baskets.  
We watched braiding of ancient bast shoes and toys. It was amazing to see how Chinese people in ancient times prepared special national fruit drinks.
Almost everybody paid attention to the method of picking up dry branches to warm the shelters. As I tried for myself - it was a heavy task to lift a special device for the transportation of the firewood!
And of course we watched unforgettable golden leaves – everywhere around us. Almost everyone wanted to pick up a pile of leaves and to throw them up into the air in order to take photo.We learnt how to make crown of these leaves, roast the fruit and eat them.We were simply charmed by the ancient trees that had seen so much for their 2100 years-life. Well-organized museum of these trees impressed us also. We could touch this real alive history by our own hands.
During our breathtaking road we could watch countryside of Hubei province famous for its lakes with fish and mountains with exotic trees. Previously we had never seen trees with date plums as well as maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba).
Warm weather and beautiful nature created a wonderful mood for all of us, and special Chinese meal which we tasted outdoors contributed to our acquaintance with each other and a nice conversation.
We’ll never forget this unforgettable journey and friendly smiling people with their children who came to this beautiful place to spend their weekend. We are very grateful to all leaders of the Wuhan Textile University who helped to organize such a fascinating journey!
Tatyana Merkulova,
Ivanovo State Polytechnic University, Russia
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