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The Explanation of Agency No.of WTU for CSC Scholarship Application

Dear students,

So glad to hear that you will choose WTU to go on your study.  In respect of Agency No., we would like to have an explanation to you as follows: The Agency No. of published in the website are the universities who have the right to receive the CSC international students directly. WTU is not the university like that, so you couldn’t find out the Agency No. of WTU in the list.

Because WTU is commissioned to educate international students who receive Chinese Government Scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Education of the P.R.C. So, if student want to apply CSC scholarship of WTU, he/she need to contact staff of embassy and get the angency No. given by embassy. That is the only way they could have opportunities to apply successfully. Because the agency No. given by embassy are so limited, so only a few most excellent students can get the agency No. and apply successfully.

Sincerely hope our explanation will be useful for you. Thank you for your strong support to our international students work again!




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