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Weekend is coming!Why not go shopping?

Shopping in Wuhan? Let's see these most popular shopping districts or streets in Wuhan!


1 Jianghan Road Commercial Street

Located in the center of Hankou District, Jianghan Road stretches from Yanjiang Avenue in the south to Jiefang Avenue in the north for a total 1,600 meters.

The 100-year-old street boasts various kinds of architecture, including Roman, Byzantine, Europe and classic styles. There are over 200 stores and shops housed in traditional buildings selling a complete selection of clothes, appliance, food, commodities and other goods.

The commercial street can be divided into three districts:

the Finance and Insurance District housing the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank and many other financial institutions; the Specialty Stores District overflowing with franchised stores selling name brands home and abroad, small boutiques, jeweler shops, cafes; and the Department Stores District with many big department stores.


2 Wuhan International Plaza

Located in one of Wuhan's business circle along the Jiefang Road, just next to Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall.

Scope of Business

This is the top shopping center of Wuhan introduced 328 brands including more than 60 international brand and it was the first time of another 106 brands that being introduced in the market of Wuhan.

In addition, the first of domesticChinawas created, there are three passages in each level that connecting Wuhan International Plaza, Wuhan Plaza and The World Trade Plaza, which constructs a super-large shopping center covering 220 thousand square meters. it is the greatest store in domesticChina. Wuhan International Plaza aspires to create "the most topping department store of Central China" focusing on international quality and exquisite life.

Address: Hankou Jiefang Road No. 690, Jianghan district

TEL: 027-85714125

Means of Transportation

Take bus 1, 2, 42, 64 outer ring, 64 inner ring, tram 3,

Bus 508, 519, 522, 524, 548


3 Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall

Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall is the earliest commercial brands in Wuhan. It can be dated back to 1950s', which is also the first shopping center in Hubei Province. It locates at the commercial gold area of Hankou, Wuhan.

Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall is a luxurious shopping center with the widest varieties of products. It is also function as a place for entertainment, catering and commercial affairs. It is the largest shopping center inChina's central and southern regions as a whole.

Address: Hankou Jiefang Road No. 688, Jianghan district

TEL: 027-82777240  027-85714125

Means of Transportation

Take bus 1, 2, 42, 64 outer ring, 64 inner ring, tram 3,Bus 508, 519, 522, 524, 548


4 New World Department Store

Wuhan New World Department Store is Wuhan’s first foreign investment management department store, it has attracted great attention from the public.

New World Department Store provides the citizens with high quality shopping enjoyment. It has been recognized as the most cost-effective and leading chain shopping brand inChina. New World Department Store is a single-stop-type emporium for shopping, catering, leisure and service.

Wuhan New World Department Store

Address: 566 Jian She Da Dao, Hankou, Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 8577 0088

Wuhan New World Trendy Plaza

Address: 118 Jianghan Road, Jiangan District, Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 8275 0088

Wuchang Branch Store

Address: 1 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 5135 0088

Wuhan Qiaokou Branch Store

Address: 632 Jiefang Da Dao, Qiaokou District, Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 8380 0088

Xudong Branch Store

Address: No.31 Xudong Road, Hongshan District Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 5080 0088

Hanyang Branch Store

Address: 27 Ying Wu Da Dao, Hanyang District, Wuhan

Tel: (86-27) 8482 0088


5 Chu River and Han Street

Running along the south bank of the Chu River, Han Street is 1,500 meters in length and by far the longest commercial pedestrian street inChina. It houses shopping malls, restaurants, cultural and recreational sites, with roughly 200 national and international “high class” shops, as well as a multitude of restaurants and various entertainment outlets.

Culture projects

Eight culture projects are set up along Chu River and Han Street, namely, Han Show Theater, Movie Culture Park, Wanda Cinema, and five squares in memory of great names in history.

Taking the shape of a red lantern, Han Show Theater is the collaborative product of Wanda and Franco Dragone Entertainment Company with an investment of RMB 2.5 billion (US$ 0.41 billion). Located at the west end of Han Street, Movie Culture Park is the world’s first indoor movie culture park, covering 60,000 square meters.

Wanda Cinema in the middle of Han Street is Chinas largest cinema with a 3D movie theater and IMAX theater. 

Means of Transportation

Take No. 810, 709, 552, etc bus to Donghu Road Chuhe Hanjie Station

Take Subway Line 4, Wuhan Metro to Chuhe Hanjie Station


6 Wuhan Chicony

Chicony locates at the ancient city Wuhan, which has a 3,500-year-old civilization. The ancestors created a brilliant Chu culture which deeply affects this place. The mountain, water and city of Hongshan district are complement to each other. Chicony has a business area of 90,000 square meters. The monomer size ranks No. 1 in centralChina. Chicony attracts customers with its elegant, comfortable and relaxed shopping environment.

Scope of Business

As in the business circle around the educational zone, Chicony is a shopping paradise for college students. It engages in the industries of commerce, official affairs, hotel and entertainment. It is a comprehensive shopping square with fashionable general merchandise, oversize fresh food supermarket, entertainment club and catering world, all of which are regarded as the fashion icons for the youth. Chicony meets the full range of Wuhan citizens' needs with its creative, innovative, stylish, better-than-expected business philosophy.

Address: Jiedaokou, Luoyu Road No. 6, Wuhan

Means of Transportation

Take bus 586, 715, 308 to Chicony station

Take Subway Line 2, Jiedaokou Station


7 IICG Wuhan Shopping Centre

IICG Wuhan Shopping Centre, covering a total area of 300,000 square meters, is located at Etouwan, Qiaokou District. It is just 12 km from Wuhan city centre, with 8.6 million local residents in the area.

It is aimed to be a one-stop super regional shopping centre with department store, hypermarket, international and domestic fashion retailers, substantial restaurants & cafes electronics, sports, cinema and other entertainment venues. Great convenience will be provided by a light railway station directly connected to the shopping centre.

The centre’s main anchor, IKEA, opens on September 17, 2014, while the rest of the shopping centre is scheduled to open in 2015. Auchan, Suing Electronic Megastore and Jin Yi Cinema have already joined the tenant line-up.  


Take bus NO.546, 560, 621, 736, 737, 741, 722 to Gongnong Road Apartment for the Aged Station.

Take light railway NO.1 to the Duoluokou Station or Zhuyehai Station.


8 Wuhan Tiandi Business Circle

“Wuhan Tiandi”, located at Yongqing Street of Hankou and known as “Oriental Xintiandi”, is a comprehensive downtown development project containing residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, entertainment facilities and so on.

Along with the development of Wuhan Tiandi Mall, the business circle keeps growing and becomes a modern business area and a concentration area for most featured stores, restaurants, bars, tea houses, etc. favored by people with good taste.


Bus No. 601, 402, 588, 622, 526, 212, 721, etc.

Wuhan Metro Line 1 to Huangpu Road Station


9 Optics Valley International Plaza

The operation area of the business part of Optics Valley International Plaza is 100,000 square meters, which is divided into Phase I and Phase II. Its office building is the sole AAAAA-level office building in Optics Valley, which covers an area of 71,000 square meters. A lot of big enterprises have entered in succession, such as Ping An Insurance, Wuhan Financial Supermarket, etc.

There is the largest shopping center and outdoor activity square in Wuhan, which covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and owns more than 300 outdoor parking spaces and more than 300 indoor parking spaces at the second underground floor parking lots.

Moreover, it also has a space for youth recreation to make a heaven of fashion, consumption and enjoyment and a special place dedicated to the new generation.

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